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Korea: Until Daybreak

This tape features south Korea's decade-long street insurrections from the point of view of students, farmers and workers who have stood in the front line of the reunification movement, against economic exploitation and-militarism. Beginning with stark footage from the Kwang-ju people's massive uprising and brutal suppression in 1980, through a recent strike of militant office workers, protests by farmers against the import of U.S. dairy products, and a showdown at the border of the two separated Koreas, these tapes seethe with ardent rage and moral intensity. As the struggles have escalated the use of video as a weapon, a record and a defense has grown to be an integral part of the Minjoong Movement, the people's movement. Curated by Hye Jung Park andthe Han-Kyoreh One Korea, One People Video Collective. (NY,Korea)

Run time 58:00
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Sokuk - - October 19, 2009
Subject: Incredible Valuable Record!
Thank you for the reporter who took these video.
The numbers of people who died in that Kwang Ju democracy movement mentioned above video is not believable however we lost so many valuable lives of people who wanted democracy in South Korea.
on 2/7/2006